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Ice - Cream

Ice-Cream may be defined as frozen dairy product made by suitable blending & processing of cream & other milk products, together with sugar & flavor, with or without stabilizer or color & with the incorporation of air during the freezing  process .
According to PFA rules Ice-Cream is the frozen product obtained from cow or buffalo milk or a combination there of or from cream and or other milk products with or without addition of cane sugar, fruit, fruit juices, preserve fruits nuts, chocolate, edible flavors & permitted food colors.


Milk fat
Stabilizer & Emulsifier
Total Solids
Acidity (% Lactic Acid)
max 0.25%
Standard plate count(per gm)
Not more than 2,50,000
coli form count (per gm)
Not more than 90

Nutritive Value

Among milk products, Ice-cream is also a rich source of calcium, phosphorus & other minerals of vital importance in building good bones & teeth. Being rich in Lactose, Ice-Cream flavour greater assimilation of calcium in the diet. The protein content of Ice-Cream is also rates high, both in quantity & quality. Ice-Cream provides valuable proteins in a very palatable form. In fact, Ice-Cream is most palatable source of milk protein to the vegetarians. Ice-Cream is an excellent source of food energy. It is a very desirable food item for growing children & persons who need to put on weights.
Ice-Cream is a rich source of many essential vitamins, without which normal health & growth cannot be maintained. Thus it is an excellent source of vitamin -A, a good source of vitamin -B (Thiamine) & G (Riboflavin) & a fairly good source of Niacin, vitamin - E & in fruit Ice-Cream of vitamin -C. The digestibility & palatability of Ice-Cream is also vey high.




Selection of Ingredient
Figuring the mix
Making the Mix
Batch Pasteurisation of mix at 700C for 30 minits.
Homogenisation of milk Ist - 2500 PSI II nd - 500 PSI

Chilling of mix ( 40C to 50C)

Ageing of mix (4 to 5 Hrs)
Flavouring of mix
Freezing of mix ( -40C to -50C)
Packing of Ice-Cream
Hardening of Ice-Cream ( -300C to -350C)
Storage of Ice-Cream ( -180C to -250C)
Dispatch of Ice-Cream

Packing Sizes :
50 ml plastic cups
100 ml plastic cups
500 ml Family pack
1000 ml Party pack
2000 ml Party pack
4000 ml Bulk pack